Halloween Magic

Halloween Magic Personalization. VERSION UPDATING: modified version Halloween Magic. changes at the request of users. Correction of unstable moments in the application. The app Halloween Magic is a great opportunity to personalize the screen of your device and cool entertainment for you. Download and install Halloween Magic, take the opportunity to make the screen of your device personalized and unique. Halloween Magic – сhoosing your favorite picture or watching a slideshow is great entertainment. Holiday Halloween is the middle of autumn. Autumn night – Halloween night. Special autumn issue in the theme of Halloween. On the night of Halloween can revive the worst fears and terrors. Halloween – the opportunity to show everyone who you really are deep down. Halloween – it’s time for the “terrible” pumpkin. Halloween. Autumn – flying leaves, ruby ??glow in the sunlight viburnum berries … The Autumn Night is coming – the awful night of Halloween. Halloween Magic – the best achievement of our developers. Mobile application Halloween Magic is perfect for your new smartphone! The application Halloween Magic has a number of advantages – compatibility with almost all devices, does not need for permanent Internet connection, economical battery consumption, simple user interface settings.

Halloween Magic – Personalization and Entertainment. Halloween Magic – nice and simple appication with a select graphics, beautiful effects and believable animation. Completely free interactive appication. The application Halloween Magic is not only the ability to set beautiful and stylish APP Personalization. on the screen, but also the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest applications of our team. The application contains the announcement of the best APP in the relevant topics from the developer. A simple and elegant solution for animated wallpapers Halloween Magic. At the demonstration images to the application Halloween Magic shows you how to work and customization features. When you double-finger touch screen to the default page opens the settings menu. The user can disable a quick call to the relevant section of the settings menu. The application includes a sound – the sound is turned to the subject when you touch the screen center. To turn off the sound using the settings menu. Animated images are involved in the overall scenario Halloween Magic. Customize user sets the number on your screen. The application Halloween Magic realizes the realistic effect of of crash glass. An additional decorative screensaver is realized as a realistic effect. In the application Halloween Magic there is a sparking layer effect – flickering stars and fireflies are scattered randomly around the entire background. Unobtrusive flicker gives the image an additional charm.

Halloween Magic can be used on most phones and tablets. The release of new versions of the application depends on the application’s popularity. Please send by e-mail your comments on the application – it will improve our work. The application may contain a broadcast advertising. ORDER SETTING Halloween Magic: 1. Download the application Halloween Magic on your device. 2. Find the menu icon of the application programs “Halloween Magic”, activate the application. 3. After activation of the application read it in the open prior preview window. – Select the download button below the window and start the application on your home screen.